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New! Now with Table of Contents!

I~ decided to go ahead and make a table of contents for others to reference, y'know, posts where my work is. I dunno how I'm gonna group them, but, hey, let's take a stab at it, shall we?

KH related works:

- Jesus Saves
- Right and Wrong Warning: Not Work Safe
- Promises Mean Nothing
- Let's Sing It
- Of Emo and Angst
- Best Friends
- Wedgie
- The Bells, They Toll: Act One

One for the Money:
- Chapter One
- Chapter Two
- Chapter Three
- Chapter Four
- Chapter Five
- Chapter Six
- Chapter Seven

Chapters 8-11 to be found on my FFN profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/~raina

Hopefully, I'll be able to add more to this list later. :P
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Something special, eh?

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Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Word count: 358

He hates working in the same room as the American, because he inevitably leaves it with a headache. Whether it be the other’s idiotic antics, or some argument or another, Arthur wants nothing more than for his head to stop throbbing. On days when there are no spoken words between them, Alfred brings a radio.

He has a playlist that he listens to, a different one for every day and every type of mood. Arthur tries to block out the sounds, but unlike Alfred, he lacks a sound filter. When he watches the other work without any sort of pause, he idly wonders if he even hears the music?

Annoying or not, Arthur doesn’t say anything about the songs. He realizes that there is something about them that obviously the other likes, and anything is better than dealing with another idiotic argument over some stupid thing or another that the other has done.

Arthur doesn’t say anything about the music when they part.

But years on and off have given him an insight on the importance of the songs that the American listens to at any given moment.

He has a one for when he’s sad, one for anger, one for when he’s in a good mood. The songs are constantly changing from year to year, though some songs never change. They’re like fixtures in that imaginary mood gauge for Alfred. When he listens, sometimes he hears some of his own songs play.

But Alfred never flinches and never tries to change the song

He really isn’t listening to it.

But he isn’t really paying attention to Arthur either, though that doesn’t stop him from instinctively covering the smile on his face.

He doesn’t remember when, but he came to appreciate the other’s radio one day, and for once didn’t leave with a headache, but instead, a song that had gotten stuck in his head.

He tells himself that it’s all that idiot’s fault, and he won’t be able to think clearly that night. He doesn’t acknowledge the thought that it’s a far cry above a headache.

Arthur wants to believe that the other doesn’t put much thought into music, because he never seems to actually be listening. Then Alfred does something like hum the song, or even softly sing along.

Arthur doesn’t mind, though he makes an annoyed sound.

Because listening to music is better than fighting.
Something special, eh?

Ages since my last post.

It hadn’t been that long ago, and the scars were still evident on the streets of Meltokio. When Marlene Wilder had been killed by a stray spell from an inept half-elf assassin, the backlash on her fellow half-elves had been apparent. None could be seen wandering the streets, not even the slums. They’d been effectively driven off or hidden from sight.

The rumors had died after about a year, though the awkward silences persisted any time the young Chosen that had been the intended target walked into a room. It wasn’t that there was any sort of remorse, because the nobility tended to be vacant of things like actual deference and respect for anything outside their own wants and needs. It was an affected silence, like stepping on eggshells to make sure that the little redhead was kept happy.

Zelos Wilder, the next Chosen out of however many.

The backlash of what had happened wasn’t just on the half-elves, and to be honest, Zelos didn’t care. He resented them, in a distant way. It wasn’t even a feeling he put much thought into being conscious of. It was just there. However, so much had changed. His sister, the first friend and second person he could possibly have cared about was gone.

For his safety, as if he wanted that.

She was locked into an abbey, and her mother was killed without a trial. She definitely hated him by then, if she ever really liked him at all.

You should never have been born.

Zelos had requested to spend the last winter as far away from Meltokio as possible, to get away from the very fact that it would snow. Making snow angels and snowmen were the last things from his mind, and he’d probably never be able to enjoy them again. Even the hint of being cold made him want to run to somewhere safe and warm.

Though, safe was really an arbitrary term at this point. But hot was better than cold. Cold was the last memory he had of his mother.

And how he ruined her life. If he had a choice, he’d wish to never have been born. If that really would have made everything better, but it was kind of too late. She was already dead, and he was still alive.

Zelos was waiting in some waiting room in the palace. He didn’t really care to see the king of Meltokio right then, and it wasn’t like there was anything new or useful that he’d be able to tell him. He’d make something up, probably, make the King feel important. Give something his blessing, whatever it took to get them to leave him alone.

But this time was different. This time, waiting with him was a girl, she looked younger than him. Black hair, and some sort of weird ninja clothing. Zelos, at first tried to ignore the excited, happy conversation that she tried to have with him. Zelos didn’t really have the will to be excited and happy these days.

“Hi! What’s your name?”


“I’m Sheena! You know what I’m here for?”

“No.” And he didn’t care. He kept his eyes glued to the floor, except for an occasional glance at her, because she was just that hard to ignore.

“I’m going to try and make a pact with Volt! I’ve been training really hard every day. But Grandpa thinks I can do it!”

The room was pretty much empty except for the two of them and a guard and a maid in the other corner. Sheena must have been really bored to keep talking to him like that. He nodded numbly, glancing at her again, since her swinging feet were catching his eye. She was really young, wasn’t she?

“I wanna help Tethe’alla and Mizuho. It’s a secret village, y’know! Only the villagers know where it is.”

“I’ve heard of it,” he responded.

But there wasn’t a lot of feeling to his response. He was more curious about her and why she seemed so happy about having so much weight on her shoulders. Did she think making a pact would really be that easy?

“Yeah. So I’m gonna be a summoner. What about you? What’re you gonna do when you grow up?”

Zelos hadn’t been expecting that question, and instantly looked away.

“I don’t know yet,” because he definitely didn’t want to be the Chosen. For so many different reasons.

He’d rather stop thinking about that, and he glanced back at her, with her cheerful face. How could someone be so cheerful? It was kind of nice, after so much silence and after so many people averting their gaze from him.

“It’s okay, cheer up!” She was still smiling. “Whatever you wanna be when you grow up, you gotta do it, right? You can’t say anything’s impossible, or else you’ll always feel sad like you do now.”

Zelos wasn’t sure how to respond, and he was saved by the king and an elder gentleman walking out of the meeting room. This was where they separated, wasn’t it? Zelos looked back at her, and she had turned away to greet the man. He must have been the grandpa that she was talking about earlier.

As they started to leave, she turned back to face him and waved. “Bye, Zelos!”

He paused and just a bit smiled as she turned away.

She was right, wasn’t she? If he wanted something, he’d have to work for it. He was in the best position to make everything right, for Seles, for his mother. He’d find a way to fix this Chosen system, and use it to take whatever he wanted.

He wouldn’t have minded talking to Sheena some more though. Maybe they’d get lucky and meet again one day. He definitely at least wanted someone like her to notice him again. Next time, he’d make sure to talk to her more. He’d make sure to impress her.
O rly?

Two previews for the price of one.

Okay, so I have been writing a lot slower than I used to. To be honest, it's because college is kicking my behind. But I did get about a page into chapter 13 of One for the Money and a page into Act II of The Bells, They Toll. Also started writing a Ansem/Riku one-shot. (No, it's not a happy piece.)

So, since I did One for the Money and this one-shot on my PC, and I don't feel like transferring them to my laptop... Eh, well, let's just suffice it to say, here's a preview.

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Oh yes. Now the question you should be asking yourself is... How much am I misleading you? >:D

Now for the Ansem/Riku one-shot!

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Also, I have a question for any who might be listening. Is there a reason OftM isn't getting as many reviews as it used to? I know, it sounds terribly conceited of me, but I did like reading the reviews, even the ones that didn't like the fic. I guess it's old hat now?

Not saying I'm gonna stop writing. Just curious.
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Something special, eh?

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I did some icons. <3 Long time since I'd done any of these.

I wish I could be pointed towards some FFXII screens. I'd like to make some icons for that series, too!

Anyway, the fruits of my labor:

Are they okay? :D
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O rly?

Act One, completed at LONG last!

So, yes, I did take a break from One for the Money to make short story, with what I am predicting to have two or three acts to it. (Acts being chapters.) I started forever ago, but I kind of fell out of writing for awhile, as tends to happen to me. Argh. Anyway...

Title: The Bells, They Toll
Rating PG-13... ish?
Extra Stuffs: HBoND is in it. Um. Axel and Roxas star, but not really a pairing fic. Sorries! :D
Summary: Being the favorite is always envied. Too bad he's the favorite for all the wrong reasons.

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