March 7th, 2007

O rly?

Two previews for the price of one.

Okay, so I have been writing a lot slower than I used to. To be honest, it's because college is kicking my behind. But I did get about a page into chapter 13 of One for the Money and a page into Act II of The Bells, They Toll. Also started writing a Ansem/Riku one-shot. (No, it's not a happy piece.)

So, since I did One for the Money and this one-shot on my PC, and I don't feel like transferring them to my laptop... Eh, well, let's just suffice it to say, here's a preview.

Collapse )

Oh yes. Now the question you should be asking yourself is... How much am I misleading you? >:D

Now for the Ansem/Riku one-shot!

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Also, I have a question for any who might be listening. Is there a reason OftM isn't getting as many reviews as it used to? I know, it sounds terribly conceited of me, but I did like reading the reviews, even the ones that didn't like the fic. I guess it's old hat now?

Not saying I'm gonna stop writing. Just curious.
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