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Akuroku Friendship Fic Alert!

Well, I had the writing bug last night. Didn't want to work on pr0n or on OftM (still no clue what's going to be contained in the next chapter), but I wanted to write something.

So, I opened Word and just started typing. I'm not sure how good this is, but I do know that I created a rare breed of Akuroku fic. Y'know, the kind that JUST focus on their friendship. Where there is not a HINT of snogging, shagging, or any other sort of romantic involvement.

I wonder if this affects my status as a fan of the pairing. D: Oh noes! Anyway, the fic is under the LJ-cut! Enjoy!

“Did you hear me?”

Dark skies, dark buildings, and an infinite feeling of sorrow about the whole place. The world was crying out, wishing it was born, wishing it had a place among the other numerous worlds. Denied what it wanted, it rung true with the desperate members of Organization XIII.

It rung true, and they didn’t want to stay longer than they could help it, choosing instead to run off to other worlds to harass the inhabitants, pursue other hobbies in worlds that were more friendly.

They just wanted to forget.

Except for the one who only wanted to remember.

“Roxas, come on, this is boring.”

There was nothing, no feelings, no memories, nothing but a goal he wasn’t even sure was his. His entire existence was spoon fed to him between another rant on the darkness and Kingdom Hearts and why was he doing this again?

If he was a little boring, he couldn’t help it. He had the best of teachers, after all.

“… Fine, if you’re going to ignore me, I’m outta here.”

He looked towards his companion, frowning at the other’s sour face. He had terrible teachers, no one could deny that.

But his goal wasn’t all he had.

“Make up your mind, already. I’m sick of looking at that ugly mug of yours. So, are you coming or not?”

He shook his head, trying to dispel the ever present darkness, and lack of emotion.

If he had nothing at all, he had a friend. For that, he smiled.

“I’m coming, Axel.”

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