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Two previews for the price of one.

Okay, so I have been writing a lot slower than I used to. To be honest, it's because college is kicking my behind. But I did get about a page into chapter 13 of One for the Money and a page into Act II of The Bells, They Toll. Also started writing a Ansem/Riku one-shot. (No, it's not a happy piece.)

So, since I did One for the Money and this one-shot on my PC, and I don't feel like transferring them to my laptop... Eh, well, let's just suffice it to say, here's a preview.

She smiled, air around her and Axel charged, and she kicked the coffee table out of the way, into the wall. Larxene had never believed in barriers, and she was uncompromisingly physical. Axel’s mind reacted faster than his body, and she was pressed against him.

Knees against knees, and legs spread almost uncomfortably apart, and Larxene’s nails digging into the couch and into his shirt. She looked elated, and he couldn’t force himself to react beyond the typical knee-jerk reaction. And when Larxene kissed, she loved to leave lips bloody and bruised. Just so she could play nurse and lick away the wounds.

Oh yes. Now the question you should be asking yourself is... How much am I misleading you? >:D

Now for the Ansem/Riku one-shot!

He cries out their names sometimes, like a prayer that no one can hear anymore. Kairi, Sora, and he just wants to go home. Bitterly, trying in some way to comfort himself for his foolishness, he thinks about how if he’s a shadow now, then Ansem has to be less than a shadow.

Sora will save him, and he doesn’t feel belittled for thinking it. He’s passed that point, and there’s nothing left to lose. He shudders at the memory, watching through his own eyes as he tries to kill his own best friend, and he thinks, What now?

Also, I have a question for any who might be listening. Is there a reason OftM isn't getting as many reviews as it used to? I know, it sounds terribly conceited of me, but I did like reading the reviews, even the ones that didn't like the fic. I guess it's old hat now?

Not saying I'm gonna stop writing. Just curious.

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