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Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Word count: 358

He hates working in the same room as the American, because he inevitably leaves it with a headache. Whether it be the other’s idiotic antics, or some argument or another, Arthur wants nothing more than for his head to stop throbbing. On days when there are no spoken words between them, Alfred brings a radio.

He has a playlist that he listens to, a different one for every day and every type of mood. Arthur tries to block out the sounds, but unlike Alfred, he lacks a sound filter. When he watches the other work without any sort of pause, he idly wonders if he even hears the music?

Annoying or not, Arthur doesn’t say anything about the songs. He realizes that there is something about them that obviously the other likes, and anything is better than dealing with another idiotic argument over some stupid thing or another that the other has done.

Arthur doesn’t say anything about the music when they part.

But years on and off have given him an insight on the importance of the songs that the American listens to at any given moment.

He has a one for when he’s sad, one for anger, one for when he’s in a good mood. The songs are constantly changing from year to year, though some songs never change. They’re like fixtures in that imaginary mood gauge for Alfred. When he listens, sometimes he hears some of his own songs play.

But Alfred never flinches and never tries to change the song

He really isn’t listening to it.

But he isn’t really paying attention to Arthur either, though that doesn’t stop him from instinctively covering the smile on his face.

He doesn’t remember when, but he came to appreciate the other’s radio one day, and for once didn’t leave with a headache, but instead, a song that had gotten stuck in his head.

He tells himself that it’s all that idiot’s fault, and he won’t be able to think clearly that night. He doesn’t acknowledge the thought that it’s a far cry above a headache.

Arthur wants to believe that the other doesn’t put much thought into music, because he never seems to actually be listening. Then Alfred does something like hum the song, or even softly sing along.

Arthur doesn’t mind, though he makes an annoyed sound.

Because listening to music is better than fighting.
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